March 30, 2011

Patient Report: Laurie

New clothes in new sizes can be one of the fun parts of losing weight. Here's what our patient says about how the hCG diet has helped her lose weight. "I am loving that my clothes fit better. I even had to get rid of some that are now way too big!! Which was exciting." - Laurie

Your mood and your diet

What you eat has a powerful effect on your mood. If you suffer from depression, it's a good idea to pay special attention to what you eat. Beyond treatment that may be suggested by your primary care doctor, you may be able to life your mood by changing your eating habits. Avoid sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and eat small meals several times a day centered around high-complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthful fats to ensure a steady supply of nutrients that help to keep blood-sugar levels balanced. Protein-rich foods such as chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, eggs, lentils, almonds, and yogurt are particularly important for overcoming depression because they are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks for mood-elevating neurotransmitters.

Essential fatty acids are another important nutrient for alleviating depression because they play a critical role in maintaining healthy cell membranes, which are involved in the synthesis and transmission of neurotransmitters. Depression is associated with low levels of essential fatty acids, so be sure to eat adequate amounts of fish, nuts, and seeds that contain omega-3 fatty acids and gamma linolenic acid.

Lemon Oregano Fish with Asparagus

  • whitefish (100 g if on hCG, or more if not)
  • asparagus (use any amt., as long as you do not go over 500 calories for the day, if on hCG)
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1 t oregano
  • salt/pepper
    1. Preheat the oven to 400F.
    2. Snap off woody ends of asparagus and discard.
    3. Tear off a large sheet of non-stick aluminum foil.
    4. In the center of this sheet, place asparagus spears and sprinkle with salt/pepper.
    5. Place whitefish on top of asparagus.
    6. In small bowl, combine lemon juice & oregano, and pour over fish.
    7. Fold up edges and completely seal packet on all sides.
    8. Bake 10-20 mins, until fish flakes.
    9. Serve.
  • March 23, 2011


    To maintain healthy weight is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.  We're here to help you with your goals.  The big decision is to keep a healthy weight, which is then followed by a series of small daily decisions.  Certain diets work better than others, and hCG works.  It has proven to be very popular as well as effective for our patients.