February 2, 2011

Eye Cream

Many Eye Creams contain oil, which isn't recommended on the hCG diet. Here are some creams to try that oil free if you would like to continue using eye cream while on the diet.

RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream
Skin Medica

Body Shop Products:


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  2. Richard, check out our recipes! Another great tool is calorie counters that can be used online or as apps on your phone. Good luck!

  3. I found that Tiffalina's products worked really well. I got the Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Lotion, and Lip Balm. One order of each got 2 of us through the VLCD phase, and there was enough left to do the same for our daughter.

    Much nicer we thought then scurrying around.