January 13, 2011

Cook Books

Contra Costa Times recommends the following cookbooks for the new year.

1) Power Foods
2) The Men's Health Big Book of Food and Nutrition
Everyday Vegan

Here's the link.

Which cookbooks to do you go to when you're looking for a healthy recipe?


  1. My sister in Utah, Laura Nausin my walking buddy, and then maybe the Taste of Home Recipes is my first choice in "looking" for new meal ideas. Actually I'm not a cook, so I put winning meals into a notebook so I can find them again.
    I've borrowed a Weight Watchers Fast & Fabulous and Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook - still sitting there waiting to be opened.

  2. Weight Watchers does have some great recipes. Friends and family and the best source for recipes -- they are tried and true. Thanks for the notebook tip!