December 7, 2010

Chicken with Sauteed Onions

A new recipe from one of our patients:

Place chicken breast in a one gallon Zip Lock bag. Add pepper and other spices that you like plus 1 cup of water. Close up bag and place back in the refrigerator until ready to use. Spray pan with Pam Spray. Add Pepper and all the spices on the list that you like in the Hot skillet. Slice up one Med. Onion and add to skillet. Sauté untill just starting to turn golden brown. Add chicken and keep turning. The more you turn the chicken the juicer it will be. Turn down the heat and keep turning every minute or so. Add water 1/2 cup at a time. This will make a juice. Cover after you brown the chicken on both sides. Turn off the heat leave covered untill you are ready to eat. This only takes about 30 minutes total. Have a breadstick and your favorite beverage.

For desert I have an Apple sliced thin and sprinkled with a little Cinnamon. So far I have lost 20 Lbs. This has been my go-to meal during this journey. I have 1 more week until I start my maintenance.

Sometimes I will cook a couple of chicken breasts with the recipe above and use the second one for dinner where I will use just the Chicken with no onions then just slice it up in small pieces and put it on lettuce. I use the juice of half a lemon as dressing.

Thank you!

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