December 7, 2010

Holiday Cravings...

Many of our patients are done with the hCG pills or drops and the 500 calorie plan. Now it's maintenance time.

Other patients are finding it hard to keep on the 500 diet during the holidays, despite still have a one or two weeks left. Here's what to do:

If you are off the strict 500 calorie diet, this is a great time to stay with the habits of the diet, but consume more calories. The diet starts us on a great regimen of eating protein, veggies, and fruit, and in small amounts. To up the calories, even a little bit during this time, can feel like a lot of food because the body was used to being on the 500 calorie diet. Upping the calories, but still being vigilant will ensure that you are satisfied and are able to control your weight.

If you are currently on hCG but have been cheating from time to time during the Holidays, just get right back on track. If you eat a few hundred calories extra one day, continue to take your hCG and then go back down to the 500 calorie diet.

If you are currently on hCG, but need a total break for the holidays, you may stop the pills and start again in January. Regardless, please keep us updated on your status.

In the maintenance phase, patients are asked to stay on a 1400-1600 calorie diet. During this holiday time, remember to be diligent about counting calories and weighing in. We suggest that you weigh daily, and if any weight gain occurs, make an adjustment. There are many ways to count those calories, including phone apps, internet websites, or the old fashioned food journal.

If you need a snack, eat it! Celery is great low-calorie snack. Grissini breadsticks are also low in calories (25 calories!) and meet the need when you have a carb craving. Snacking can fill the mouth's desire to be moving and will help with hunger and will help you maintain your weight this holiday season.

Whether you are still on the diet, or you have gone off the diet for the holidays, you may need help with hunger suppression. Dr. Crockett can prescribe to you a suppressant to help you through the holidays, or through the long-haul.

Most important of all: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! If you are having trouble with your weight, let us know so we can help. Dr. Crockett is committed to helping patients reach their goal weights and is here to talk about your concerns.

Thank you! Happy Holidays!

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