November 28, 2010

Spicy "Cajun" Shrimp & Grilled Asparagus

New Recipe from Diane

I use the precooked/cleaned medium frozen shrimp. You can get approximately 15 shrimp for 100 grams so it feels like you get to eat more than if you use larger ones or prawns. Just thaw them out and then weigh out your 100grams...I usually make a double batch, then I can use the other half to make a shrimp salad with fresh spinach leaves for the next day.I heat a non-stick pan, spray a little olive oil pam and add the shrimp. Then I use Mrs. Dash's Extra Spicy seasoning (0 calories) liberally...stir a few times and add more Mrs. Dash to taste. The shrimp is already pre-cooked so just cook long enough to warm them up and let the spices "soak" in. Mrs. Dash Garlic also tastes great if you don't like spicy!

I weigh out about 150grams of asparagus and heat our gas grill (or you can do instead on grill pan, or regular skillet if you like). Spray the asparagus with olive oil pam, and sprinkle all sides with sea salt. I prefer the larger grain sea salt over the smaller, I think it has better flavor. Then use a pepper mill and cover both sides with fresh cracked pepper. Grill both sides of the asparagus until done, maybe 3 minutes each side? Careful not to can taste like charcoal! Even my son, who refuses to eat veggies loves it this way!

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