October 8, 2010

Are there side effects to the diet and medication?

The patients in our office haven't had side effects. hCG is safe and occurs naturally in the body during pregnancy.

Mild side effects can occur; but are rare. If you do experience side effects, please let us know so we can treat them before they interfere with your diet program.

Possible side effects include headaches associated with toxin release from stored fat. Fatigue is another complaint in the first few days of treatment while the body adjusts to its new metabolic activities. Both of these side effects are typically resolved within the first few days.

Other side effects can include dry skin and muscle cramping due to the low fat and low calorie consumption. Remember to use oil free lotion to treat dry skin and hands. If you experience other side effects, let us know so we can help you stay on your weight loss path.

Because you are eating less food than normal, constipation may occur. To avoid this, patients may take a magnesium supplement daily. The best cure for constipation may be plenty of fluids and movement, so start hydrating. Avoid laxatives, as they contain oils. A saline enema is advisable if needed.


  1. I've actually experienced two HUGE positive side effects since I've started the program two weeks ago:

    - Migraines...I have chronic migraines, sometimes up to 1 or 2 a week as long as I'm careful about what I eat. I haven't had a migraine since taking the hCG!

    - Osteoarthritis...I have really bad arthritis in both knees, which gets worse in wet and cold weather. Since starting the hCG, my knee pain has actually gone away completely! Usually by now, I would already have gone my rheumatologist to get injections in my knees, and haven't had to yet! I'm not looking forward to losing this side effect once I'm done with the program.

  2. That's wonderful! Hopefully these positives will be permanent as you lose weight.

  3. I've experienced the fatigue. And the other main side effect (on the negative side) is that I'm cold all the time. However, on the positive side, no hot flashes after about the first 2 days.

  4. Fatigue is a common side effect, although some patients have told us they actually have more energy. A B-12 shot once per week can help with energy, even for those who aren't dieting. Just call us for a consult with Dr. Crockett about your energy level.