October 8, 2010

What can I eat while on hCG?

500 Calories per day...
Remember: don't eat anything that's not on this list!!

Remember to weigh and measure your food!

Beverages: Any non-calorie fluids in any amount
tea, coffee, mineral water, crystal light, diet soda (stick to two cans a day)
drink at least 2 liters of water per day
DO NOT drink alcohol
only one tablespoon of milk is allowed per day
artificial sweetener may be used

Proteins: 1 serving is 100 grams, using your food scale weigh raw after removing visible fat
beef: lean steak (187 calories)
extra lean ground beef (248 calories)
roast beef (267 calories)
veal (229 calories)
skinless and boneless chicken breast (195 calories)
white fish: halibut (110 calories)
cod (211 calories)
flounder (114 calories)
monkfish (76 calories)
perch (94 calories)
pike (129 calories)
pollock (92 calories)
snapper (100 calories)
crab (97 calories)
lobster (97 calories)
shrimp (144 calories)
nonfat cottage cheese may be eaten once weekly (85 calories)
boiled or poached eggs may be eaten once weekly (one serving is 3 eggs whites plus 1 egg) (150 calories)

Vegetables: Do not mix vegetables. Do not eat more than one type of vegetable in the same sitting.
Lettuces of any kind (5-8 calories per cup depending on type)
Spinach, fresh (7 calories per cup)
Broccoli (25 calories per cup)
Beet greens (8 calories per cup)
Cauliflower (25 calories per cup)
Fennel (27 calories per 1 cup sliced)
Asparagus (27 calories per 1 cup)
Onions (50 calories per 1 cup)
Red Radishes
Swiss Chard
Chicory Greens

Fruits: Must be eaten at least 6 hours apart
Apple, medium (70 calories)
Orange, medium (65 calories)
Strawberries, 6 large (40 calories)
Grapefruit, 1/2 medium (41 calories)

1 melba toast (approx. 1"x3" piece)
1 breadstick (grissini) (a type of breadstick available in Safeway brand as well as online, and at the dollar store)

Nonstick spray
Juice of 1 lemon per day
salt and pepper
mustard powder
hot sauce (brands without sugar such as Tabasco)

NO starch, sugar, fat, oil, butter, margarine, dressing.

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