October 28, 2010

Dieter's Report: Catherine

Catherine has been on hCG for three weeks and says she is feeling great. She lost 11 pounds her first week! Wow Catherine, way to go! She says she fudged a bit the second week and only lost one pound, but now she is back on track. She feels like she has more energy and has fewer cravings for sugar. Rather than crashing at the office and needing to go for a food run, she is more stable throughout the day.

In the past Catherine wasn't a vegetable eater, but she has been steaming vegetables with lemon and salt since she began the diet for flavorful side dishes. She enjoys spinach and tomatoes, and she's also been eating more fish than usual. An easy way for her to follow the diet has been to buy pre-packed crab and divide it into serving sizes. There are four servings per package. Catherine found melba toast in the cracker isle at Safeway, and grissini breadsticks in the deli section. To wash it down, she's been drinking lemon water.

Thank you for the advice Catherine!

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